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Dean Winchester

Welcome to I Know How My Story Ends, a fansite/shrine for Dean Winchester, a character from the TV show Supernatural (2005-2020).

This site is intended for those aged 18 years and over.


I'm bloodwrites, and I've been in fandom since the early 2000s. If you want to join in the squee, chat, or yell at me about something I've gotten wrong in these pages, you can find me @bloodwrites@fandom.ink or @bloodwrites@supernatural.fans. My main website is dldr.xyz.

This site is a collection of meta, screencaps, gifs, and other content that I've been working on off and on since 2012 when I first began watching Supernatural. I didn't claim Dean as my fave immediately—it took a few seasons—but once he got his hooks in it was all over.

The content contained within is not complete, and it may never be. It's also not terribly well polished. However, I am pleased to finally have somewhere to collect all my snippets of Dean meta, and headcanons, and pretty pretty screencaps, and publish it on the web. So I can come back and look at it whenever I feel like it, even when I'm not near my computer 🤣


In the process of building this site, I have collated information and resources from the following sites:


19 December 2022
Updated Links page.

21 November 2022
The site is finished, hosted, and launched! That's not to say it doesn't need more content in certain places, it certainly does, but it's useable and there are no glaring holes, so I'm calling it good.

16 November 2022
Started building the site, copy pasting meta and headcanons, tracking down old folders of old images, and putting the templates together.